Origins Of AspectOS

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AIGamesDeveloper was working on a project in order to get into a collaboration. He needed to have something advanced as an example and he didn't have anything. So he decided to make an OS! Why? Well at the time, his dumb mind thought that an OS was advanced and it would help him learn more coding.

So after a week, AIGamesDeveloper created an OS on Scratch. At first, it was called AIGAMES OS. But AIGamesDeveloper thought that the name was too self-promoting so he decided to change it to something original. AspectOS. It was really cool, since AspectOS means "aspects" in Spanish.

Even though it had only three apps and barely any features, it looked amazing at the time. But it is terrible, compared to what we have as of right now.

And because of him applying to the collaboration, AspectOS was born and it made its way up to the most popular OS thread in the forums and the most viewed active thread in the forums as well.

For the history of AspectOS, click here (link coming soon!)