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minikiwigeek2 is the creator of AspectOS Air, a fork of AspectOS which has fewer applications and sprites and is meant for lower-end devices.

When they Joined

minikiwigeek2 joined on April 28th, 2022[1] , by telling AIGamesDeveloper that he had an idea for a fork of AspectOS with most stuff removed that would run on lower-end devices. It would also change the color scheme to a combination of black, white, and gray. AIGamesDeveloper agreed, and minikiwigeek2 started working on it on April 28, 2022.

One day later, on April 29, 2022, minikiwigeek2 applied to be an official member rather than an outside contributer. His application was accepted, and he is currently working on AspectOS Air.

Effects on AspectOS

  • Created AspectOS Air (approved by AIGamesDeveloper)

Other Information