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GAMS2 is the CO-CEO of AspectOS and has been in AspectOS since the beginning of the collaboration. He is a Legacy Member. Before the BoD existed, he was the Assistant Manager of AspectOS. Currently, he is the General Manager of the Website, the General Manager of the wiki, and the Executive Director of Management in Aspect Inc. His nickname is GAMS, as it was his intended username on Scratch.

When they Joined

GAMS2 joined on Sept. 16, 2021[1]

Effects on AspectOS

GAMS2 is an important figure in the creation of AspectOS. He had first proposed the idea of having a website, however, it was originally going to be on Google Sites before he learned that was banned. They later moved to glitch. Afterwards, they made the Github Organization, and was named General Manager of the Website. On GitHub, in a secret team called Da Owners, a joke by GAMS2, he asked AIGamesDeveloper if he could be the Assistant Manager of AspectOS, and AI agreed. Later, this was renamed to just Manager of AspectOS. He suggested making a Wiki for AspectOS, and they tried making it on Miraheze, but it was blocked for AI. They moved to GitHub, which is blocked for GAMS2. Later he figured out a way to bypass global blocks using methods already provided by Miraheze, so they moved to Miraheze.


GAMS2 had none of his tasks included in AspectOS.

Other Information

GAMS2 played a major role when creating one of the AspectOS rules. People kept stealing his command prompt, and then AI made a rule banning such activities.