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The Board of Directors, also known as the BoD, was a group of contributors who had more control over things than regular contributors, which didn't have any power in controlling AspectOS but still had a voice. The Board of Directors idea was thought of by AIGamesDeveloper shortly after he created the second thread for AspectOS[1]. The Board of Directors was officially created on February 22, 2022[2]. As of June 1, 2022, the Board of Directors idea was discontinued and there are only three managers in control of AspectOS[3].

How it Worked

The Board of Directors had two tiers. High-tier and mid-tier board members had control over the collaboration, but the high-tier board members had more control and could remove the mid-tier board members if they wanted to (they couldn't remove the mid-tier for no reason and they had to provide a good reason as to why they should be removed)

High-tier BoD

The High-tier BoD had control of all of the collaboration and could do huge things to change how the OS rules work and how contributors do things. There were 5 positions in the high-tier BoD, each with a unique purpose.


The CEO, also known as the owner of AspectOS, is the one who controls the entire collaboration and has access to destructive things such as removing all members in AspectOS and blocking/banning them. They can also break apart the team and destroy the collaboration. They need to do all of the big work for AspectOS and they need to put apart everybody's creations together to create a new version of AspectOS.

List of CEOs

Aspect Inc. Co-CEO

The Aspect Inc. Co-CEO was 2nd in power after CEO and they have all rights to the thread since they were 2nd in power for the company that owns AspectOS, also known as Aspect Inc. They have all the powers of the CEO.

List of Aspect Inc. Co-CEOs


The Co-CEO, also known as the co-owner of AspectOS, is the one who controls the entire collaboration when the CEO isn't present. They have almost identical permissions to the CEO, but they cannot approve big decisions and can only vote in big decisions.

List of Co-CEOs

  • GAMS2 (Official Co-Owner on February 20, 2022 - )

Aspect Executive Manager (AEM)

The Aspect Executive Manager was the one with the least power in the high-tier BoD, but still has tons of power in the AspectOS collaboration. They had all the powers of the Co-CEO except one, which was the ability to accept and decline parternships without permission. Any High-tier BoD member after the AEM could accept/decline partnerships without permission.

List of AEMs

  • mbrick2 (February 24, 2022 - May 5, 2022)


The ASCo-CEO was a position suggested by ABC1234567890XYZ for when the Co-CEO isn't present. The ASCo-CEO has all of the powers of the Co-CEO and can take the Co-CEO position temporarily when the Co-CEO isn't present.

List of ASCo-CEOs