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Our Goal

AspectOS is a new OS that is in the works. We are thriving to be a modern, smooth OS. Our goal isn't to be the best OS. We just want to create a fantastic OS that users will be satisfied with. It may take some time for us to actually finish the new version, but it will be worth it in the end

The Next Generation

AspectOS v1.0 wasn't the best. It was extremely laggy and BETA 1 could've done better than the actual launch of v1.0. So we decided to abandon it and continue on our next version, v2.0.0. This will be part of the next generation of AspectOS. We will try our best to create a better OS with better graphics, advanced features, and no lag at all. We want to create something amazing, and we believe that we can do this with enough effort and time.

Our Staff

We treat our contributors with care and respect. We want everybody to have opinions and we don't want to silence anybody. We have wonderful team members and they try their best and work hard to create something for the OS. Our team is international. We have people from all around the world. From America to India to Australia, we have a diverse team that can get along very easily.

More Coming Soon

More will be added to this Wiki page soon! Just hang on tight!