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The ASCo-CEO Spring 2022 Election is an election to determine who will become the ASCo-CEO for AspectOS. The ASCo-CEO has all powers of the Co-CEO and can fill in for the Co-CEO when they are absent. They can also participate in voting with the BoD.

ASCo-CEO Spring 2022 Election #1


During the Spring of 2022, ABC1234567890XYZ suggested to add another position that will be in the high-tier BoD[1]. It went through many name changed such as Sub Co-CEO and aOSSCo-CEO. but finally, it was set to ASCo-CEO.[2]


When the election opened, four people ran for the position. Those four were qloakonscratch, ABC1234567890XYZ, Anthrofurever, and Sunny-Bunny29[3]


Before voting started, all candidates were required to type speeches on why they're running for ASCo-CEO. All Speeches were good and they got straight to the point, but the speech that ABC1234567890XYZ provided started controversy and the BoD was offended[4]

All Speeches

Hey there, Aspecters and Scratchers alike! We come here on this glorious day to discuss my being in the Sub Co-CEO election. Now, to my knowledge, nobody has submitted a speech yet, meaning I will be the first to submit one. So, let's get started. So, why should I be selected? Well, I am very used to leadership positions and have done very well with them.


The Future Starts Here. That is what we say, but do we mean it? Management to me has been soft. Approving everything and trying our worst. Our last release was terrible because we didn't try our best. We were just lazy and just put some code together and released it. That doesn't sound like a future. We want to create a future, right? Well, the future needs to look bright. We want to make sure that the future is actually good.

We need better management. I have been here for a week and I already know that they approve the dumbest things and miss out on the things that will actually benefit us. Now I have to admit, they don't do this all of the time. But they do it sometimes and they make regrettable mistakes. They approve side things that wouldn't benefit our main task which is to create a good OS and start a brand new future for OSes

I am here to change that. Criticism is something everybody needs here. We can't just say “oh that's good, approve” because that is lazy and that will create a terrible future. We need to criticize the flaws so that we can do better and we can have a flawless OS. Now, everything isn't perfect. I know that. But that doesn't mean that our OS has to be bad. We can push ourselves to the limits, while also having time for ourselves. Vote me if you want this. If you want to be a part of something great. Vote me if you want to create something better than what we have right now, and to make sure that we take this to the next level and we try our best to reach our goal.

I know we can do it. I can see this team's true potential. I know you can create something so fantastic. I will help you to remove the flaws so that it can be better than before and it can be at its max level. It may not be perfect. But that is okay. Not everything is perfect. Just remember that it is unique in its own way.

Ideas might get rejected. But that's okay. It's not the end of the world. Just remember that the ideas you are thinking have to be beneficial to the OS and it has to help the main goal of what we came here for. To create a modern, smooth, and well-done Scratch OS.

Thank you.


AspectOS. Intended to be unique, no? I’d call myself unique, if not just plain weird. Vote for me, and I can help make this OS unique. I will make AspectOS stand out. I can also help with the UI with mockups on Figma to create a smooth and simple finish. Lastly, I can get AspectOS noticed. I can get people to advertise it.

The end.


Sunny-Bunny29 failed to provide a speech by the deadline and as a result, she got removed from the election.


On March 25, 2022, voting had begun and people had to vote before March 29, 2022, giving contributors enough time to vote.[5]

The Co-CEO and CEO did not vote in the first election to prevent controveries. They also did not want to get accused of being biased towards a candidate.

In the first half, ABC1234567890XYZ was winning but then qloakonscratch got some votes and on the final day, somebody broke the tiebreaker around an hour prior to the voting deadline. Qloakonscratch won the election with 4 votes, ABC1234567890XYZ got 2nd with 3 votes, and anthrofurever got last with 0 votes.

ASCo-CEO Spring 2022 Election #2

Cause of 2nd election

AIGamesDeveloper went back in the archives and found out that it was a tie between qloakonscratch and ABC1234567890XYZ. So then AIGamesDeveloper announced the mistake and another election between qloakonscratch and ABC1234567890XYZ was held.

Shortly after, AIGamesDeveloper found out that ABC originally won the election but they still decided to do another election.


Candidates needed to write another speech. Both speeches from the candidates were long but they got straight into the point of what they would do.

qloakonscratch's speech

Ah, here we go again. A new day, new dawn. A new age for AspectOS. I mean, not really, we've gone through 100 pages already and rising constantly. But to think we started this new age only February 19, well, it's… astounding, for lack of a better word. I remember the old days like they were yesterday. We were much more organized, much more active. Much more beautiful. I wish we could be like that again. Well, I reckon we could. You see, I heard a theory once that leadership was not relative, meaning that whoever leads a certain thing, etc. The Prime Minister (Boris Johnson) or the President (Joe Biden), or, in this case, me or ABC, could do better than the other candidates of the vote for the thing they are leading.

I believe this theory, as different leaders have different mentalities, different personalities, and different actions or approaches they would take to complete a task. They have different motives, and even sometimes have different reasoning for wanting to be leaders. ABC is most likely going to state his in his speech, so I might as well state mine. My reasoning, my motives, my approach to making AspectOS like it was before. Organized, active, and beautiful. First, my reasoning for wanting to be the Co-CEO is that, as you may have guessed, I want to make AspectOS great, like it used to be. I want it to be amazing, glorious, and just generally based on user and employee satisfaction.

Now, how would I achieve this absurd task? Well, contrary to popular belief, it is quite easy to get a collaboration back to where it was before, back to its glory days. I would first widen the tasks list, and check on every member of this collaboration frequently, to make sure they are active. If, whenever I check on them, they are inactive, I will put them on break. If an activity check comes around, and they miss it, they will be temporarily removed. Also, I will talk with the high-tier BOD and try to work in a task-check system, to make sure that people are working on their assigned tasks. If they are not working on their assigned task at all, they will be removed from that task and it will be open for somebody else to take.

My motive for this is mainly inactivity. Most of the contributors aren't contributing, unlike before. I feel that the Meower controversy and how we gave up on the Meower employees made us weaker, not exactly weak but not quite strong. I think we should have ignored them and continued production, instead of giving up on their falling arguments. If I'm correct, this is around the time Meower was closed, so I think they were just mad, but I'm not sure. But the Meower controversy was our main moment of weakness and is most likely the reason why work on AspectOS is slowing significantly. But there are other reasons why we have been slowing down.

One reason why we have been slowing down on development is that we have not been enforcing the rules. Let me quote the rules.

Rules wrote: The first rule is to be active. We require contributors to be active. They have to be willing to contribute to the operating system and not just go inactive for a week or two (unless they fill out a break form). We require contributors to fill out an activity check to clarify that all contributors are still contributing to the operating system.

Don't frequently spam or derail the thread. We accept some off-topic posts every once in a while but not frequently. We are working on an operating system, not talking like it's a chatroom. We only allow three off-topic posts a day (might be set to 2 or even 1) so contributors don't think that the collaboration is boring. We try our best to make the operating system collab interesting and we are trying to find new tasks.

Look back through the hundred pages this topic has, and find all the off-topic posts. Multiple people here are also inactive, but they are still in the collaboration. I understand this is what the revival form was for, to fix it, but it didn't quite work. As mentioned before, I have a solution to the inactive problem, but it's not quite easy to stop people from spamming or derailing. But I'll try my best to help. I don't want to be harsh or rude or anything, but if you want an active collaboration, you have, no, need to enforce the rules as actively as you can. This doesn't only go to AI, but also to all of “Da Owners”

That's another thing I kinda have an issue with. Why do you tend to call yourself “Da Owners” on most of our outside sites? That's kind of unprofessional. Maybe “The Owners” but, if you have an issue with unprofessionalism, why do you call yourself “Da Owners” instead of The Owners? I mean, professionalism isn't a rule, but you enforce it like it is. Again, I don't want to be harsh, rude, or anything like that, I just want to point out all of the issues I want to help fix when I become the Co-CEO of Aspect OS. I know this is going to hit hard on some of you, so I just want you to know that I'm just pointing out a few flaws that you could fix, and that I aim to fix.

Finally, I do believe that AspectOS is fine as it is, but even if it's fine if it's can be better, it should be. It's fine if you don't want to take risks sometimes, but you can't go the easy route all of the time. At least once you have to stand up to whatever you're facing and find a way to go against it, find an argument that solves everything, use strategies, but no matter what, don't always give up. Don't always lie on the floor, waiting for somebody to wake up and find you there. That may not always be what happens. I love this place, and I don't want to see it go downhill. Sorry if this is a bit too dramatic, or a bit harsh, but all of this is true.

So now, this is where I get off. I may edit this. I may not. Goodbye, and thanks for reading my speech.

Oh, I nearly forgot. I would also add a to-do list somewhere, to make sure that we don't forget to checkup on people, or host activity checks.


ABC1234567890XYZ's speech

Hello, my fellow AspectOS contributors. My name is ABC1234567890XYZ or ABC for short. If you didn't know, I'm here to run for ASCo-CEO again. The first time was when I screwed up in my speech. I judged the BoD for its mistakes instead of thinking of the good things that this collaboration could accomplish. And I am here to make a change for this collaboration. I am here to send a positive message to convince instead of sending a negative one that demotivates. I want to run for ASCo-CEO because I care about this collaboration and I don't want it to die like other OS collaborations. I want to prove that our operating system collaboration is unique. I want us to inspire other people to never give up. Say what you want about me. Say that you hate me. Say that what I have said in the past means that I am a bad person. I don't care about the negativity! Because that is what we have been suffering through ever since this collaboration was born. Negativity. Criticism. Controversy. We have had too many of those and we need to stop and improve ourselves. We have to stop relying on the community so much to correct us and show how we do things. We should decide how we do things so we can be comfortable.

I want to make sure that this operating system is at its best. I think it is time that we have some changes to improve this operating system. We have been inactive and we haven't been getting work done at all in the prior weeks. So what can we do in this situation? How can we solve this problem of inactivity in this thread? Well, it's quite simple. We need to have a strong management system with strong and dedicated people. We have had logical decisions which benefitted us because of the management. We were able to rise to the top at some point because of the management. We need to think of really effective ways to boost activity. I can deliver that. I will promise to make sure that activity boosts. I will promise that we will have an active team that will do tasks. I will try my best as ASCo-CEO. I might make mistakes, but don't we all? That's the one part of life that scares people. They are afraid to make mistakes because it could cause something so bad to happen in the future. But not this person! Do you want an active team? I'll give you the activity! I will help to find ways to tell people that activity checks are going on! I will make sure that the word is out to our team that we are requiring people to be active.

Now let's talk about our partners. It looks like you have completed the rules for the partners and you have made the form. It looks like you are ready to help other collaborations. I want to contribute to this too. I want to make sure that our partners are getting the help and support they need from us. I want to make sure that we have people on standby for those partners. I want to show those partners that AspectOS cares about people. I want to show that we aren't greedy and that we will continue to help the community. That's what we initially intended for, so let's continue with this plan! Let's make sure that we can support the partners in any way! It hurts my heart to see failing collaborations. So we want to help them be like us. Now how will we accomplish this? I will create a position for those who want to support partners when the partners need assistance. When they request aid, our team will go and assist the partner. It could be a solo mission or it could be a group mission. But I want to make sure that we assist our partners at the end of the day.

Now let's focus on the actual mission. Assemble, Amaze, Aspect. That is what our mission is. We want to create an operating system that will amaze people called AspectOS. But we haven't been doing that. Instead, we have been concentrating on these side missions instead of focusing on the main mission. As AI states, we have to go with the large things first, and then the little things. So let's do that! Let's attempt to take tasks and let's try our most useful to finish these tasks. Now, we don't want to hurry, but we don't want to do what we are doing right now, which is doing nothing at all. This is unacceptable for a collaboration like this! We need a shift in focus and I will be there to help us go the right way instead of getting sidetracked. Why do you think we have been postponing our versions? It's because we have these side assignments which cause difficulties that result in a longer wait! Prevent the delays, please. That's the final thing we need. I get that delays could happen when we have a project mistake, and that's reasonable. But when we create something somewhere else? And we keep doing it? We have to stop that. We need to focus on the operating system only so we can finish things. What happened to AspectOS v1.0? Well, it didn't turn out so great. We had so many other things going on that we forgot the actual purpose of this collaboration. And when we did focus on the collaboration, we didn't focus as much as we were supposed to. And the result wasn't satisfactory at all. We cannot make another one of these. We need to be better and work better.

Imagine what AspectOS would be like if we were to add these suggestions. Imagine what AspectOS would be like if we assisted people and cared about them while also working on our operating system. This is possible with enough determination and commitment. And we can do this when I am ASCo-CEO. Vote me so we can get back on track. Vote me if you want to finish this operating system. You all have potential. I can see it. I don't care if you are new or not. You can change the direction of the OS. I know you can. I am here to modify this OS, but I am also here to encourage others to follow my steps. I want to show that you can manage something significant. Thank you so much. And before I go, I would like to say a joke to lighten the mood. What rhymes with orange? No, it doesn’t.



On April 14, 2022 at 12:14:13 PM PST, voting for the second election started[6] and there were many rules created to prevent cheating.

Wiki Pages

Because of the current election, at least 2 pages were protected to prevent false information from occurring. These pages can only be edited by admins until the election has ended

Voting Winner

ABC1234567890XYZ won the vote[7] with 8 votes beating Qloakonscratch by 3 votes.