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This page documents an AspectOS contributor, and is an actual person. Any information that can be cited MUST be cited! This is not a suggestion, it is a requirement, please make sure to cite your information.

ABC1234567890XYZ (also refered to as ABC) is a. They has been a fan of AspectOS since the Golden Ages and joined to make a change in AspectOS. They has been criticized for many things related to AspectOS.

When they Joined

ABC1234567890XYZ joined on Mar. 13, 2022[1]

Effects on AspectOS

In December of 2021, ABC1234567890XYZ contributed to AspectOS without applying and asked to create Aspect News, which was news related to AspectOS and the progress we have made. It was eventually cancelled and they unshared the project. Aspect News has been renamed to AspectArticles

ABC1234567890XYZ was an amazing contributor for the first few days. They suggested three things that were eventually accepted. They created a new position called the ASCo-CEO and they had an idea of promoting Dream-123-123 into a higher position, which was accepted. They were a strict contributor and they helped boost the activity of AspectOS, breaking a record of 10 pages in a day.

They also helped change the rules for being hypercritical, and many agreed. The rules were changed because of this.

Other Information

  • They don't have accounts on GitHub, Figma, Glitch, Miraheze, and other external websites that AspectOS recommends to use but they have expressed interest in a Github Account. [citation needed]


Election Problems

The first controversy happened when ABC1234567890XYZ stated that elections shouldn't be here every day and that the US doesn't have 20 elections every single year, criticizing AIGamesDeveloper for poor time management. And then stated how the OS should be more productive, which many agreed but many didn't approve.

Management Improvement

Shortly after, another controversy started. This happened was when hydrogen_bond was talking about the BoD and how they aren't computers and they have a right to vote. But they mentioned how ABC1234567890XYZ was making everybody agree. hydrogen_bond then went on to state that the forum was "toxic" because everybody was "spam messaging" in the forum.

This is where ABC1234567890XYZ responds, saying that they are doing this to help AspectOS and how the BoD has a right to vote, just not AIGamesDeveloper and was arguing about the BoD, sounding furious with every sentence. Shortly after, their sentences sound sincere. [2]

The GAMS2 Situation

The GAMS2 situation started shortly after the Management Improvement argument when ABC1234567890 assumed that GAMS2 did not care about his fellow contributors after a statement about him thinking that content arrives when he (GAMS2) is there, originally GAMS2 was pointing out that he did not care if people were active on the wiki, but ABC1234567890 misunderstood this as the actual contributors, not the wiki users. [3] This caused an argument between ABC1234567890XYZ and Dream-123-123, plus AIGamesDeveloper, yooit_32, and qloakonscratch which resulted in a calm ending.

The ASCo-CEO Speech

When the ASCo-CEO Elections opened up, many signed up and candidates had to write a speech. Some were having trouble but ABC1234567890XYZ delivered a speech with multiple paragraphs and correct grammar, perfectly displaying an example of what a speech should look like. Although, it wasn't perfect. Because it offended most of the BoD such as Dream-123-123, GAMS2, and even AiGamesDeveloper, due to the speech containing offensive stuff to the BoD, mainly stating how "there are many flaws" and "the BoD isn't trying their best" which is what caused some to go against ABC1234567890XYZ. It could be a reason for her loss during the ASCo-CEO Spring 2022 Election.

When the ASCo-CEO results were a tie, ABC1234567890XYZ improved with their speech which many people still criticized, but a majority of the BoD was happy in the improvement.