2022 Logo Switchover

From AspectOS

The 2022 Logo Switchover is an ongoing event that revolves around replacing the former logo for AspectOS (a planet) with a newer logo, created by outside contributer Tetra22.


On April 29, 2022, AIGamesDeveloper announced that AspectOS might need a newer logo, suggesting to either redesign the planet to make it more modern, or create something newer entirely. One day later, minikiwigeek2 suggested that they contact Tetra22, someone he knew for a fact was "good at making logos in Figma." After that, minikiwigeek2 went to Tetra22's profile, asking him if he could help. He agreed, and on May 1st, he presented his version of the logo. It was recieved well, and AIGamesDeveloper announced that by May 5th, all AspectOS products should use the new logo. The old planet logo is still used for the Aspect Inc. company as a whole.


New AspectOS logo, designed by Tetra22.