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Dream-123-123 is the current Aspect Inc. Co-CEO and is an Original Aspect Team Member.


Dream-123-123 joined on September 16, 2021 [1], just one day after AspectOS was created. She originally applied for an artist, and is still an artist to this day.

Effects on AspectOS

  • Dream-123-123 provided original wallpapers which inspired AIGamesDeveloper to create more wallpapers
  • Dream-123-123 helped create the website on GitHub Pages
  • Dream-123-123 has helped with managing the OS and filling in for AIGamesDeveloper when he is absent. She has always thought of reasonable things and has displayed a perfect example of an AspectOS contributor
  • Dream-123-123 suggested an idea to be fair and honest towards a person when they are applying, to prevent bias from occuring.[2] This was implemented shortly after by AIGamesDeveloper[3]

Other Information

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